PowerPoint Presentation

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In this interaction you will learn about healthy skin through several custom Storyline interactions.

Interactive eLearning Under Construction

Training Proposal Example

Ensuring Workplace Safety eLearning

This is the slide deck for the "Catch More SMEs with Honey" speaker presentation.

This is an example of a digital magazine built with Storyline 2.

Slider Interaction

PowerPoint Presentation

Here you will find an example of an infographic created for a corporate client for workplace safety training.

Here you will find an example of training notes created for a corporate client for their procurement system training.

This is the slide deck for the "Free Tools For The Thrifty Learning Designer" presentation.

This fun interaction will take you through the 4 steps for surviving a bear attack. Watch out for Grizzly!

This is an eLearning example for workplace safety that has elements of gamification. 

Fully Responsive Rise "Foodie" Example

This is an example of a training proposal. This document contains the project description, project scope, course vision, delivery approach, course map, style guide, project timeline, and storyboard.  

Training Notes

This is a silly slider interaction that walks you through the growth stages of a puppy!

This is the slide deck for the eLearning Guild spotlight "Free Tools and Tips for eLearning Design"

This example was built using the new Articulate Rise tool. It is a fully responsive and beautifully modern approach to eLearning.

Digital Fashion Magazine

PowerPoint Presentation

Infographic for Workplace Safety Training


Interactive & scenario assessment Under Construction